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Words matter

O. Alan Noble has a really good piece over on the CT website about the importance of Christians being careful about the truth, especially when it comes to political debates.

I heard a story recently about a fairly well-known evangelical figure who was confronted about public statements he had made in writing and interviews… When the facts became overwhelming, this influential evangelical conceded that he had been playing fast and loose with facts. However, since his overall message was true and important, he reasoned, it was justifiable to fudge the details in order to motivate voters to make the right decision.

The belief that American voters must be manipulated rather than reasoned with if we want to institute any meaningful change is endemic. But this belief is essentially nihilist because it makes all political discourse a matter of coercion, a matter of who is doing the coercing and to what ends. I call this nihilist because it makes power, not truth, goodness, or beauty, the foundation of politics.

As I like to say: words matter.

I am sure I’ve been guilty of this sort of generalizing and overstating positions of people I disagree with – so here’s my renewed commitment to not do so. Let us speak the truth, be honest about the facts, and trust that God is at work.

Especially in this election year.

Oh, and go read the whole article. It’s worth it.

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