• Husband: to Becky since 1998.
  • Father: to Laura, Anwyn, and Katie.
  • Musician: I’ve played the piano for almost 40 years, and have served as worship leader at Noelridge Park Church from 2000 – 2008, at Imago Christi at Central Park in 2008, and as the interim worship ministry leader at Stonebridge Church from 2017-2020.
  • Reader: I always have a book going. Visit my reading log:
  • Resident geek: well, yeah.


Aviation Certification Specialist: In my day job I am the Director of Avionics Advanced Technology Certification at Collins Aerospace. (Disclaimer: all opinions here are my opinions, not theirs.)


  • Web design: I do some freelance web design when I have time.
  • Blog consumer: I still do the RSS thing. Feedbin is one of my every-day startup tabs, with about 500 feeds subscribed at any given time. I’m interested in music, the arts, politics, and theology. I’m even more interested if you can get a couple of those to intersect in some way.

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  • chris (at) chrishubbs (dot) com