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Winnie the Dude

On the topic of my previous post, I had this Twitter interaction with Stephen Granade:

But then I started wondering… what about Lebowski?

So then I had to do it – casting The Big Lebowski using Winnie the Pooh characters.

The Dude

This one is pretty obvious. Winnie the Pooh himself gets to play The Dude. His laid-back personality is nicely analogous to Jeff Bridges’ beloved stoner.


Walter Sobchak

Based on my Twitter assertion, I’m gonna commit to it. Tigger is the only Hundred-Acre Wood inhabitant with a personality big enough to play a John Goodman character. Think of it as the grittier side of Tigger. You know he’s not always been such a jovial tiger.



Who’s gonna be the weasely, nervous sidekick to Tigger’s Walter? I think it’s gotta be Piglet.


The Big Lebowski

A large, pompous man with a big attitude? Owl gets to play this role, no question about it. And then to serve his needs:



This nervous young assistant (played brilliantly by Philip Seymour Hoffman in Lebowski) goes to Rabbit. You can just see him puttering around straightening all of Lebowski’s photos and trophies outside his office.


Minor Characters

  • With Kanga being the token female in the Hundred-Acre Wood, we’ll give her the role of Maude Lebowski.
  • Christopher Robin would have to paste on a mustache and work on his Texas accent, but we’ll give him the role of The Stranger.
  • And where’s Eeyore in this whole thing? Based on his general outlook on life, I think he’s one of the Nihilists. However, as my friend Andy said:


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