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A dilemma of sorts

Last week I accepted a position in a new group here at work. It’s a group I’ve worked with for several years, and I knew I wanted to work in that group if the opportunity arose. The opportunity did arise, and I got the position. While the exact transfer date has yet to be settled upon (sometime today we’ll get it figured out, I hope), it’s just a matter of time.

Which leads me to this dilemma. I have two options for my new office. (I’m not quite senior enough to get my own full-sized office yet… one more engineering grade to go.)

Choice 1: share a two-person office with a co-worker, getting the end of the office near the door. One desk, one table, file drawer.

Choice 2: get my own little mini-office. Basically it’s standard cubicle-based office furniture inside a room with a door. It’s not very big, but it would be my first-ever “own office”.

One thing that makes the choice easier: my new department will be moving to a different building within the next couple of months, so my choice really only impacts the near term. What think ye, friends and readers?


  1. Laurs Laurs

    YUP go for the "my very own office" option..

  2. Yeah, that's pretty much what I've been thinking. Did I mention the office is SMALL? 🙂 But hey, it's a start. And full of AWESOME, too.

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