Flying it!

Part of the goofiness with my job is that by the time we get these announcements, I’ve been done with the software for months. Still, it’s fun to know that they’re flying these things now.

From AvWeb:


Cessna Aircraft announced Tuesday that it delivered the first Citation Encore+ to an undisclosed customer. The latest Citation V derivative is powered by two FADEC-equipped, 3,400-pound-thrust Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535B engines that offer “high durability and reliability,” and “surpasses the most stringent environmental standards for emissions, set by the International Civil Aviation Organization.”

Besides the upgraded powerplants, the $8.273 million Encore+ has an increased gross weight that allows for a full-fuel payload of 1,170 pounds, 340 pounds more than the original Encore. According to Cessna, this weight increase also extends the airplane’s range with higher passenger loads. In the flight deck, the Encore+ sports a Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 integrated avionics suite, which marks a
significant change from its predecessor’s Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics.

5 thoughts on “Flying it!

  1. That must have been… less trivial than other software.

    Yeah, any avionics software is fairly involved, if only for the processes that we impose to make sure it’s quality when it comes out the door. Displays software is one of the more involved pieces. But it’s kinda cool, too.

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