network downtime…

This morning we are experiencing one of those fun office moments known as “network downtime”. Nobody can get logged in and even if you can (I managed somehow), nothing works; all of the network drives are dead. Fortunately, Internet access still works, so I can post a little blog like this one.

It’s interesting listening to the buzz around here; people are talking where normally there is only silence and people working. I doubt anybody’s gotten anything done all morning, so right now I’m going on 2+ hours of downtime. Take that times 4000 people or so at RC and at the billing rate that engineers cost, and we’re up to almost $1Million in general time while we’re all waiting for the network.

I should really find something more interesting to blog about; I’ve seen some people with long, thoughtful posts; however, I guess I don’t find the time for long, thoughtful writing. I mean, I can when I need to or want to, but I guess I spend so much time of each day just getting work and normal stuff done that I don’t take a lot of time to just sit and think and write. It’s really too bad; I do have actual thoughts about stuff on a semi-regular basis.

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