I looked at the calendar today and it said July, and I thought surely that has to be a mistake. July already? Where has the time gone? Then I reviewed. Since the beginning of May, here’s what my weeks have looked like:

  • NHD State Competition in Des Moines + one day work offsite
  • Two days of work travel to Minnesota
  • Three days of work travel to DC
  • Three days of vacation for HS graduation activities
  • Memorial Day holiday week
  • Three day work offsite
  • Full week of vacation - NHD nationals in DC
  • Half week of vacation - DC trip
  • Full week in the office (finally!)

Now this week is a holiday-shortened work week and then I’m gonna be out of office Monday/Tuesday next week for college orientation in Nebraska. Then I have five, count ‘em, five regular summer work weeks before taking Anwyn to college for move-in. Then high school starts for Katie, we’re down to just one kid in the house (oof) and it’s fall.

I am not ready for this.