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Preparing to launch

Eighteen years and seventeen days ago we brought our first child home for the first time. She was just a tiny newborn joining two new, naïve parents in the adventure of life.

Small and quiet…

Tomorrow, we load her packed boxes of belongings into the van and head out to launch her into the next phase of her adventure: college at SDSMT. I’m sure none of us really appreciate yet how much we will miss her, but we’re so excited for the opportunity she has and the path that lies ahead of her.

Not so small, not so quiet…

Some days have seemed long, but the time now seems to have been very short.

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  1. roncjzmsncom roncjzmsncom

    Congratulations!!! … to you and Becky and, of course, Laura. She looks so happy. Becky more comedicly contemplative. It’s a giant step forward. I had no knowledge of SDSMT, but it looks like a great institution with a long history. May God richly bless her in this new adventure. I have a feeling she’ll excell.

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