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Jethani: Blessed Are The Disillusioned

Skye Jethani articulates in a piece today a lot of the frustrations I have felt and heard in recent months. Just a sample:

The tribe of the disillusioned is growing and the institutional containers we have inherited are struggling to hold us. The cracks are spreading. The containers are leaking. But we stay, for now, because we don’t know where to go. We don’t know who to follow. We don’t know where we belong.

The disillusioned wonder—where are the voices that affirm traditional Christian marriage without condemning our neighbors who do not?

The disillusioned wonder—where are the churches that focus more on loving people in the name of God than using people in the name of mission?

The disillusioned wonder—where are the humble Christians that can discern the difference between a loss of privilege and real persecution?

I appreciate that he doesn’t just leave us in the wondering but gives us some encouragement for where to go from here. Worth reading. Blessed Are The Disillusioned

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