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Finished reading: a couple more

I had three books going in parallel before finishing these two, which was making me twitchy. (Now I’m back to one at a time. Ahhhhh.)


The Bone Labyrinth by James Rollins

Random selection off the library shelf. Apparently this is number 11 in a series, but read fine as a stand-alone thriller. The writing itself was good, though the story was sort of a disappointing Michael Crichton / DaVinci Code mashup. Quick, reasonably entertaining read, but I find myself unlikely to pick up another one by Rollins.


Man Enough: How Jesus Redefines Manhood by Nate Pyle

In a generation of Wild at Heart-esque books on Christian manhood, where wilderness adventure and military activity are primary examples pushed as “how to be more like a man”, pastor Nate Pyle’s book is a breath of fresh air. Pyle emphasizes gentleness, vulnerability, and a focus on the example of Jesus as better qualities to pursue. This is a short, easy read that I’d enjoy sneaking into a pastor’s hand the next time they’re pushing men’s small groups.

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