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When church and convictions conflict

Ed Cyzewski put up a great post yesterday about diversity of churches and ministries and about using your unique giftings to serve God. He tells a couple of stories about his own experience being pulled into churches or ministries that put him at great unease, then follows up with these words which were of great encouragement to me:

You have your own way of interacting with God and with others. Don’t be ashamed of that….

Diversity in church experience doesn’t mean there are those who do it right and those who do it wrong.

Look for the life of God.

Ed manages to strike a good balance between complete “me-focus” and totally ignoring one’s own personality and convictions here:

Sometimes our desires and opinions will lead us astray, prompting us to try to remake the church in our own image. I’ve done that and seen that first hand.

However, in seeking a church community, pay attention to the things that resonate with you. How is God speaking to you? What burdens are on your heart?

God doesn’t give us burdens and desires in order to frustrate us—at least, to frustrate us for the rest of our lives.

Then he brings it home (emphasis mine):

Here’s the key: Church shouldn’t force us to sacrifice our freedom and convictions.

Church should both nurture and provide an outlet for the life that God is building up in us.

Wise words.

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