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Happily After All

It’s Memorial Day here in the States, which means we’ve been enjoying a day together as a family. I enjoy days when I get to spend time with my girls – it’s so fun to see the cool people they’re turning into as they get older.


A few random parenting “wins” from today:

Laura, age 8.5, suddenly likes to hang out and play games. She suggested we play Flux (a card game) this morning, and then proceeded to lose gracefully to her younger sister, twice. (This is a much bigger accomplishment than it sounds.)

Addie, age 7, watched a My Little Pony cartoon this morning, then came excitedly to tell me that at the end of the cartoon all the flying ponies had flown across the sun, and that the scene was just like what had happened in the movie E.T. (When our seven year old is picking out classic movie references, we must be doing something right!)

Katie, age 4, was “reading” her Grams a book this afternoon while we were driving in the van. When she got to the end, she meant, I think, to end the story with “they lived happily ever after”, but instead it came out as “happily after all”. The more I think about it, there’s something profound about that ending.

None of us will likely live happily “ever after”; but may we all have the opportunity to live happily after all.

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