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Carols for Christmas

For at least twenty years my mother has been requesting that I record some of my piano stylings. For one reason and another I’ve never gotten to it, until now. My mom got her copy last weekend when we celebrated Christmas with my side of the family, so now I’m free and clear to share it with you all. I’m calling it Carols for Christmas.

Carols for Christmas - photo credit to bterryhampton on Flickr.
Carols for Christmas – photo credit to bterryhampton on Flickr.

It’s just over 30 minutes worth of music, all piano versions of traditional Christmas carols. There’s not a lot in the way of production – I recorded them using my Casio midi controller keyboard in single takes in GarageBand and did a minimal amount of editing to remove the clunky notes. The perfectionist part of me wishes I had another 80 hours to really refine and polish the arrangements and recordings; the engineer in me has declared “good enough”. The engineer won the debate this time.

So please enjoy Carols for Christmas as my gift to you this season. This download link will let you listen and/or download MP3s from Dropbox.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Chris, thanks so much for sharing these.

  2. Bill B Bill B

    Oops. Wish I noticed this earlier. Well, I downloaded it for future holiday seasons… Thanks!

  3. Josh T. Josh T.

    Chris — I thought you’d like to know that your Christmas tune MP3s are a regular part of our family’s yearly holiday ‘soundtrack’ while we’re on the road and particularly when venturing out to look at lights. They’re a must-listen for us every year since you first mentioned them at the Boarsheadtavern site. Thanks very much for sharing them. Blessings, and Take care!

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