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Well, we joined.

After taking quite a bit of time to make our decision, Becky and I yesterday became members of Stonebridge Church (EFCA). For a while we were wondering if enough members would show up to form a quorum so we (and 14 others) could be voted into membership, but eventually enough trickled in to make it official.

It feels good to have made the decision and committed to a body of believers. We are very thankful that God has led us to this fine group of folks as we continue through life’s journey.


  1. Awesome =) Praise God you found a good home that was a fit for your family!

  2. Is it bad that my first act was to Google EFCA so I could see where they are on the C/A spectrum? 😉

    • Heh. The EFCA has a fairly short statement of faith compared to the CBA church we came from. This can be, of course, both a strength and a weakness – a strength in that it keeps us from majoring on the minors, but a potential weakness if some particular pastor wants to drive things his particular direction.

      Having 5 pastors on staff right now, we've got a decent C/A balance, I think. The two newest guys are pretty unabashedly Calvinists, but the senior guy is a Dallas grad – not exactly known as a hotbed of Calvinism. 🙂 You won't find an Open Theist among them, though, Geof. Sorry. 🙂

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