The Waiting Game

We’ve gotten to that point in Becky’s pregnancy now where it’s just a waiting game. The calendar is clear; the in-laws are here (and planning to stay until after the baby is born), the bags are packed. Heck, we even made a trial run to the hospital on Thursday morning when we had a bit of a false alarm. So now we wait.

Last time when we were playing the waiting game we ended up buying a minivan. We’re still paying it off. I don’t think we’ll do anything quite so expensive this time, but we might at least take advantage of the free babysitting and go out to dinner or watch a movie or something. The weather is great this week so we’ll take lots of walks. And then we wait some more.

Actually, if the baby were born on Wednesday or so of this week the timing would be pretty great – nothing like having a built-in excuse to take vacation days from work during the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament. 🙂 Not that basketball would be my, um, priority or anything.

I am slowly learning patience whether I like it or not.

6 thoughts on “The Waiting Game”

  1. SOOOOOOO darn exciting!!! We'll be praying for a healthy and happy baby!!! Do you know if you're going be to teaching baseball or ballet yet?

  2. We can't wait!!! I ask Andrew at least twice/day if he has heard anything…starting to sound like a broken record.

    1. You'll get a phone call or at least an email real soon after. The hospital has open wifi, and I will have my iPod touch (which can do email) with me. 🙂

    1. SWEET! Every person, girl or boy, should be equipped with life skills.. which include, throwing a punch, a ball, and a great witty joke 🙂

      All the best Becky@!!!!! xoox

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