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Everybody’s Working for the Weekend

Yes, we have a weekend coming up. Unfortunately, we’ll be heading into the weekend with a house full of sickies – Becky, both girls, and I are all fighting colds, coughs, and sore throats. Ick. So, here’s my list of guesses of things we’ll do this weekend.

  • We’ll want to sleep in tomorrow morning, but won’t really get to, since the girls pretty much are up at 7:00 regardless of what day it is.
  • We’ll rent another DVD or two from the store and catch up on a bit of our movie watching. Maybe Wall-E or Hancock.
  • We’ll hit CiCi’s for cheap-o pizza.
  • We won’t get to church, given that we’re all feeling icky.
  • We’ll visit the library sometime… probably Saturday.
  • We’ll watch some college football… most definitely the Florida/Alabama game.
  • I won’t post anything more interesting than this to the blog.

There’s my profound list for Friday. I’ll check back in on Monday to see what kind of score I get.

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  1. Hancock made me chuckle quite a bit. Wall-E… well.. good movie to take a nap to!

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