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Ten years ago today, on a sweltering night in Charlotte, NC, friends and family gathered as Becky and I exchanged our vows and became husband and wife. I don’t remember a whole lot about the ceremony itself; the pictures, though, show a geeky boy of 21 looking warm in a basic tuxedo, and a girl looking beautiful if a bit uncomfortable in a white dress and veil. We look so young! Were we really ready to start upon a lifetime together?

Ten years later we have been through much. New places to live, new jobs, new friends; two beautiful little girls added to our family; a lot of what we promised in our vows: sometimes better, sometimes worse, sometimes richer, sometimes poorer, sometimes sickness, sometimes health. One of the few constants through it all has been my wife Becky by my side, supporting, encouraging, and loving me. While we have our ups and downs, we truly do make a great team.

That night ten years ago my buddy Daniel sang a song that Rich Mullins wrote that included these lines:

If you find a love that’s tender,
If you find someone who’s true
Then thank the Lord –
He’s been doubly good to you.

And truly He has been good. I love you, Becky, and thanks for 10 wonderful years.


  1. Congrats, y’all!

    [Bet those wedding invitations were … interesting.]

  2. Congratulations! That’s great news to hear.

    We’re currently staring up at 10 months, but God has been good through some tough struggles.

    (though it’s too bad Becky won’t be able to read this until after the 4th, huh? 😉 )

    –Jason (Blessings to all of you… for many more sets of 10 years)

  3. Geof, somewhere in the scrapbooks we have the engagement picture that ran in the Waxhaw NC newspaper. The only thing more awkward than the “Hubbs – Hubbs” caption is the photo that ran above it. Neither of us are particularly photogenic. 🙂

  4. Roy Roy

    Congratulations! What an awesome milestone to be at!

  5. Congrats, kids! We’ll hit number 10 next year.

  6. Congrats, you guys. Long marriages are sadly pretty rare these days. 10 years is a big deal.

  7. Lee Adams Lee Adams

    Congratulations! I still remember eating over at your place while we were all at LeTourneau….ahh the memories of youth.

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