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Tuesday morning this’n’that

I have a couple other posts floating around in my head, but need to gather some thoughts (and pictures) before writing them. So… a little this’n’that, aka bullet points for a Tuesday morning.

  • Softball last night was fantastic. Beautiful weather, good competitive game. Oh, and we won.
  • Not my favorite: opposing pitchers who whine about us taking walks when they are unable to throw a strike.
  • Definitely my favorite: Becky, who struck out (looking!) said whiny pitcher to start the seventh inning.
  • My list of projects is getting long. I’ve accomplished some, but others are going to slide right into June without me even touching them. 🙁
  • Next week: headed to Montreal. Looking forward to it.
  • Also next week: Becky’s folks come to visit. This will be two years in a row that they’ve come to visit the week that I’ve been on travel. Hmmm… wonder what I should infer from that?
  • These Fractal Drawers might be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen… at least this week. (Saw them on Boing Boing, then Daniel shared them, too… thanks Dan!)

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