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The travails of travel

Dear Delta Airlines,

I can’t decide whether to be mad with you or not. I was definitely not pleased with a 2.5 hour delay in Cedar Rapids and a missed connection + 1.5 hour delay in Atlanta. But I was happy with how easy it was to get booked onto the later flight, and the first-class seat was nice, given that I had to sit in it for an hour on the ground before we ever took off.

Hoping for better luck on the way home,

Dear National Car Rental,

I’m not sure why my reservation was with you instead of Hertz, but it was really lame that your employee was still there at 1:30 a.m. but told me you were closed and I couldn’t get my car.

Hoping to not deal with you again,

Dear Hertz,

Thanks for staying open past your posted 1 a.m. closing time. I wish I could’ve gotten a nav system in the car, but the map worked OK.

Your loyal customer,

Dear Hilton Savannah Desoto,

I was so glad you still had my room reserved when I showed up at 2:30 a.m. The bed was comfortable, too, Five hours in it was definitely not long enough. And kudos on the free wi-fi. Here’s a hint: if you use the same SSID throughout the building and just vary the channel, it makes it less hassle connecting as I move around the building.

Feeling bad for bringing up such a minor point,

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