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Well, I asked.

Becky and the girls stopped by my workplace for a few minutes this morning to drop off some lunch for me. As I sat in the van with them chatting for a few minutes, this conversation with Laura (3 years old) ensued:

Me: Yeah, Laura, I’ve got to go back to work for a few hours…. but then I’ll come home.

Laura: And you’ll go wee, wee, wee…. all the way back to my house?

[Becky chokes strangling laughter at this point.]

Me: Yep, then I’ll come back to your house. Wee, wee, wee, like the little piggies? Are you saying that Daddy is a little piggie?

Laura, with comic scorn: No.  [Pause for perfect comedic timing.] You’re a BIG piggie!

Well, I asked.

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