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Bullet Points for a Monday

How can it have been a week since I last posted? Well, it has been busy. So in the spirit of “short updates are better than none”, here we go.

  • Airline travel can be a pain in the backside. After two canceled flights on Monday, flew to Seattle early Tuesday morning. Got to my committee meeting a couple of hours late.
  • Kudos to the hotel (the Hilton Garden Inn in Renton) for being nicely setup for wi-fi access; seamless transitions between the meeting room, lobby, and bedroom.
  • Got to see my college roommate Matt and his wife Abbie one evening. Had a good time catching up.
  • Got to meet my partner-in-crime TK for some breakfast and Starbucks on Thursday morning. Also took a couple of cheesy pictures and some even cheesier video.
  • Managed to leave a library book in my hotel room in Seattle. 🙁 They said they didn’t find anything, but I’m sure I left it there. I’ll call again today and see if it turned up.
  • Finished the Harry Potter series while on the trip. The ending to Book 7 was almost perfect. The most I’ve enjoyed a series of books in a long, long time.
  • Got home and had to mow the grass since it had been raining all week. It took twice a long as usual to mow. Ugh.
  • Preached on Sunday morning. Audio available if you’re curious.
  • Talked to my brother Ryan last night for a little while. He’s really having a tough time at the moment, wrestling with some tough decisions. Pray for him.
  • Caedmon’s Call did their first show to release their new album, Overdressed, last night. There has been some seriously great liveblogging going on. (Go, Bryan!) What I wouldn’t give to have been there. At least it sounds like we’ll get a bootleg from the concert sometime soon.

I’m now back in the office for six weeks before my next trip. It will be nice to settle into some sort of schedule.

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  1. Definitely praying for Ryan.

    Hope things settle down and you can get into a bit of routine. Sounds like a hectic week!

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