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A real post – sort of

So most of the recent posts here have been just links to other stuff. Sorry about that. Have been doing lots of reading lately, not so much writing. Most of my writing posts here have been of merely the logistical bullet-list variety. Today I have a random assortment that isn’t entirely logistical, but is in a bullet-list; maybe there’s something you’ll want to comment on, though.

[Voice in my head: “you fool, you just fell victim to one of the classic blunders!…” which is blogging about blogging… desperate, I know. Humor me.]

So, in no particular order:

  • I still owe everybody a post on music in New Orleans. If I ever remember to up a little video to YouTube, I’ll write the post.
  • Have you ever choked yourself by having saliva “go down the wrong pipe”? It just happened to me. Weird.
  • I have lately been listening to a series of lectures by Don Carson on the book of Revelation. (You can download them here.) The amillenial viewpoint has always been a mystery to me (being raised a good dispensationalist and all), but Carson, along with a few things I’ve heard from N. T. Wright, has given me the most reasonable case yet for that position. In a lot of ways it seems to make more sense. Anybody got a book recommendation that might help me think through it some more?
  • I’ll be traveling to Seattle in a couple weeks for an industry committee meeting. Gonna meet up with my old college roommate while I’m there. Should be fun.
  • Immediately after I get back from the committee meeting I’ll be preaching during our Sunday service at Noelridge. Still trying to decide on a text.
  • Sorry, Geof, I already have a web project lined up for my trip to Seattle. It doesn’t have anything to do with any Square Pegs. 🙂
  • Last but not least, congrats to my internet friend Dan who is getting married this weekend!

I told you it’d be random.

Update, one too good to pass up:

  • I just watched my wife beat on a peppermint candy with her cell phone.  Hilarious.


  1. Becky Becky

    OH fine! Leave out the part that would have explained that I was trying to get it in half so Addie wouldn’t choke on the whole thing! =P

  2. I choke on my own saliva pretty regularly.

    And, as far as having other projects: fine. I’ll just dock your pay!!! 😉

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