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Drying out

It’s been a bit of a wet week here in eastern Iowa. We had storms starting Monday night through Tuesday, then again Wednesday morning and evening. My neighbor Jim told me yesterday that he measured something like 5 inches after the Monday/Tuesday storm. No big damage; the neighbors lost a small branch from their tree, that’s about it. However, the split in our tree in the front yard is much more noticeable now than it was a couple of weeks ago, so we’re gonna have a tree service come out and look at it to see what our options are. If the south side of the tree splits off, it’ll fall on the house, right on Laura’s room. Not good. So we will see. I’d hate to lose that tree, though.

Yesterday afternoon we worked on outside stuff; I cleaned out the gutters and checked out a couple spots on the roof that I think are leaking a little. I’ll be heading to Lowe’s in the next day or two to check out my options for sealing up the leaks. Oh, and they need to make gutter guard with a solid top; the mesh guards do no good at filtering out the leaves from the locust tree and all the little messes that the oak tree makes.

So that’s my homeowner’s report for the week. Still plenty to do on the house; my list of major things that’ll need done in the next 5 – 7 years is pretty long. But hey, it’s a good house, worth working on. God will provide as we have needs.

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