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Ready for a break

Today is my last day in the office for a week or so, and I am definitely ready for the break. A synopsis of next week’s events:

  • Sunday – flying out to Orlando.
  • Monday Freescale Technology Forum begins.
  • Tuesday – Becky flies out to meet me. The girls are staying with my folks. (Thanks again, Mom and Dad!) Oh, and it’s our ninth wedding anniversary.
  • Wednesday – more FTF during the day, and we’re seeing Blue Man Group in the evening.
  • Thursday – FTF in the morning, then it’s off to be beach bums.
  • Friday – whole lotta nothing. We have a hotel on the beach in Cocoa Beach. Should be nice.
  • Saturday – fly home in the afternoon. We have an overly-long layover in MSP, but such is life.

I shall come home a more rested person. It will be glorious. 🙂

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  1. Man, I don’t know which sounds like fun.. the laying around on the beach or the “good bit of fun” advertisement on that technology forum link!

    Congrats to you and Becky on 9 years!

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