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Notes on a Tuesday Morning

I’m getting ready to go sit in an all-day meeting with some customers that are in town. Not real exciting, but should be some good discussion. Mostly it’s just looooong. At least food is provided. 🙂

Ordered a case for my new iPod yesterday; it’s the one that Tony recommended to me the other day. I expected that if I ordered early on Monday morning that I had a good shot at 3-5 day UPS shipping getting it here to me before I leave for Florida on Sunday. But as of this morning it still hasn’t shipped. If I don’t see some movement by noon today, I’m gonna talk to Tony and get one back-channel.

Went to Texas Roadhouse last night with the family and my mom and sister who are in town visiting. Didn’t think I’d eaten too much last night, but this morning I can feel it. 🙁

My Florida trip is coming up in less than a week. Orlando. We have tickets to see Blue Man Group, Becky’s going to Sea World one day while I’m at my conference, and then we have a hotel on the beach for a couple nights before we come home. And the girls are staying with my folks. 5 more days…


  1. Chris Gloff Chris Gloff

    I recently read and responded to some comments you wrote in the song vault in regard to the song “Who You Are” from In the Company of Angels. I have always loved this song and want our music team to play it in worship. The chord progression and bass line are difficult to pick out and there doesn’t seem to be any sheet music for it. Any chance you remember the chord progression and could forward it my way? Thanks!
    Chris Gloff

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