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Well if I’m gonna gripe when I think things have gone wrongly, it is only right that I applaud when I feel that justice has been done.  🙂

I made my trip to Best Buy this afternoon with my second defective refurbished iPod.  I had been steeling myself for this visit, preparing to ask to speak to a manager if necessary.  (I’m really bad at confrontation, but this has been getting ridiculous.)  I went back to the Geek Squad counter and talked to one of their employees (one I hadn’t spoken to before).

I didn’t say much at all: “long story.  This is the second refurb I’ve gotten, and it doesn’t work, either.”  I explained the issue – the thing wouldn’t sync with the PC – it locked up after only 1 GB of transfer.  He said “let me check something real quick…” and headed off to a computer backstage.  He came back a couple of minutes later with some good news.  “Let’s just get  you a new iPod.  That should make sure it doesn’t happen again.”  FINALLY!  So I went off to the iPod counter, requested a 30 GB black iPod, and headed over to Customer Service for the cashier to ring up the transaction.

Here’s where it gets better.  They weren’t just gonna give me a straight exchange for a new 30 GB iPod (which in itself would’ve been an upgrade from the 20 GB iPod that I took in originally) – they were essentially just gonna refund back the $299 I paid for that old iPod and then credit it to me.  When I realized that was the case, I suggested that I would instead like to take that $299 credit and apply it to a $349 80 GB iPod.  The cashier was amenable to the idea, so I headed back to the iPod counter, got the 80 GB unit, and paid $50 from my pocket to get the new iPod.  As a little bonus, Best Buy’s promotion this week gives you a $30 Best Buy gift card with the purchase of said iPod, so I got that as well.

As I sit here tonight typing this up, iTunes has copied over 622 of 5773 songs onto the new iPod. I don’t think I’ll sit up to wait for the sync to complete…  but I will sure enjoy having an iPod back.  Thank you, Best Buy, for finally getting this right.


  1. Not to make you feel less special about it, but Best Buy’s policy (as I understand it) is to give a refund like that on the 3rd replacement.

    And with the warranty, they refund purchase price in the form of a gift card and then re-sell you the item. That means you can upgrade, or, in special cases, if you want to buy something bigger and not have an ipod anymore (like you want to put the $300 to a big TV), they sometimes will allow that. From what I understand, that’s rare.

    I ordered my ipod from Apple directly, so if there’s ever an issue, i’ll have to deal with them directly. But i’ve heard they’re good to work with…it’s been nearly 3 years, and I’ve had no problems yet.

  2. tk tk

    YES! Finally! Dude so glad to hear it. Now you just need a case. And I have just the one for you:

    It looks AWESOME on the black. And it doesn’t add to the thickness much at all. AND it leaves plenty of room on the top and bottom for the plugs and hold button.

    I sell iPod crap all day long, and this is by far my favorite case I’ve seen. I want a black iPod video just so I can put it in that case 🙂

  3. Yay! So glad it worked out.

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