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Bullet Points for Friday

  • Still no iPod. I’m hoping for today, but I’m just about tired of hoping.
  • Did an insurance review with our agent yesterday. It’s always a bleak affair; her job is to suggest all the things that might go wrong that we should be covered for. Ugh.
  • On the upside, Laura went to sleep at 7:30 last night. Earliest in a week.
  • On the downside, she came into our room at 11 wanting to sleep in our bed, and pitched an hour-long fit when we made her sleep in her room.
  • Ordered a hard drive enclosure from Newegg yesterday to give me someplace to put a 160 GB hard drive I now have free. While my total storage space will still be paltry in comparison to, say, Geof’s or Mark’s, it’ll still be nice to have more space.
  • I’m not leading music at church this week, but I still am teaching Sunday School. Still gotta prepare.

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  1. tk tk

    Newegg is seriously the man.

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