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Playing the Waiting Game

I hate waiting. I really do. I’m impatient. It’s not a quality I’m proud of; it’s a fault that needs corrected. (“Lord, give me patience… and please hurry!”)

It’s worse when I have things I’m waiting for and impatient to get. In my current case, I’m waiting for two things. First, the Qwest DSL hookup information, which I had been anticipating last week Thursday. They promise it will get here today. It better. Second, my (second) refurbished iPod. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the guy at Best Buy remembered to put it into the system promptly; some time this week UPS should deliver another refurb; hopefully it has less problems than the last one did.

So for now I sit and wait, knowing that patience is a virtue that should be cultivated. I’m trying to learn.

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