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Bullet Points from the Weekend

  • We got 3 tons of sand dumped on our driveway Friday afternoon; my back is now sore from moving two of those tons back to the girls’ sandbox in the backyard with a wheelbarrow. The third ton was apparently unnecessary; sounds like the garden center gave us a bad number on how much sand was required. Still trying to decide what to do with the sand in the driveway. Anybody need a ton of sand?
  • Satellite TV: so far, so good. The picture is crystal clear. Had one short (a few seconds) signal drop-out when a big storm came over, but in my book that’s acceptable.
  • Satellite DVR: sure as heck isn’t TiVo. It’s nice to have a dual tuner so you can record one show while watching another one. However, I’m still trying to figure out how to get the darn thing to let me explicitly pick which tuner I want to record which show. Might have found it on the internet if not for…
  • No internet all weekend. Note to Qwest: if you’re gonna promise hookup in three business days, make it happen. I signed up for DSL on Monday evening and got a confirmation email from them that night. I figured I was in good shape to have the DSL hooked up by the time the Dish guy came on Friday to install. On Saturday, still nothing from Qwest. As I was about to call them, they called me to confirm a service order to hook it up by… next Tuesday. So three business days ends up being more like five or six. Grrrr. But we survived.
  • Busy Sunday. Led music. But we’re consolidating to one service for the summer, so that makes it easier. Amazingly easier. Also taught my first week of a Sunday School class on Christian Basics. Should be fun.


  1. Build a giant sand castle so that you can have some fortification to protect your house.

    Bonus points for sand cannons and sand catapults.

  2. Jeff, sadly if we build the giant castle (which is an awesome idea, BTW), it’ll mostly just be guarding our garage from being invaded by our minivan.

    Given that I kinda like to keep the minivan in the garage, the sand is gonna have to go.

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