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iPod Blues

I’ve had my 3G 20GB iPod for two and a half years now, so it’s no surprise that the battery was about due to go.  Well, it pretty well happened last week; I could charge it overnight and still not get more than about 30 minutes worth of play out of it.  🙁

When I bought the iPod, I shelled out an extra $50 for the 3-year service plan, since the Best Buy associate assured me that it would cover replacing the battery, and I knew that batteries were the iPod’s weakness.  So when I get a chance this weekend I will be heading to Best Buy to see what they’ll offer me for service options.  I think it’s unlikely that they’d just offer me a replacement, though if they wanted to offer me $300 towards a new iPod I certainly wouldn’t complain.  More likely they’ll tell me I have to send it in for service and be without it for a month.  Ugh.  I guess I’ll see.  A month would be a long time to go without my iPod.

How quickly we get attached to these electronic gizmos.

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