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Devil’s Lake Camping Trip

Yes, as promised, we went camping last weekend up at Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin. My brother Andrew pretty much organized the whole thing; his girlfriend Heather is visiting and it was good to get to see everybody. Some thoughts from the weekend:

  • Devil’s Lake is a beautiful park. Dave, if you read this, yeah, it’s worth going for a day trip or an overnight. Lots of nice hiking, the water is beautiful and crystal-clear.
  • What the park service considers “paved, flat, and level” in a hiking trail isn’t so much what I’d consider “paved, flat, and level”. It scares me a little bit what one of their “difficult” trails would look like. 🙂
  • Tent camping when it gets down to 40F at night is kinda chilly.
  • Tent camping when it rains overnight is more of a pain.

Now, mind you, I don’t want to sound whiny. It was a fun weekend, a good time was had by all. Many pictures are available on my Flickr site, and I’ll append a few of them here. We had a fun time just crashing around the campfire, playing on the beach, and hiking. We enjoyed watching the rain whilst sitting indoors at McDonald’s eating breakfast on Sunday. 🙂

Overall, it was a good weekend, but good to be back home, too.

People on the rocks

Laura and Grandma

Heather, Aaron, and Andrew

Grandpa and Addie taking it easy.

Becky found some good wood for the fire

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  1. Bridgit Bridgit

    Having camped in May last year, yes I agree camping with 40 degree overnight temps is not fun! Hope you had a heater.

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