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A real post

This place has been full of links lately and very short on actual posts. Partly that’s been due to some network difficulties, partly that’s just been due to my own laziness. So finally I’ve got my blog reconfigured so I can get to it all the time, and now it’s time to write something.

Becky was remarking last night on how funny we are with our scheduling. If we have our whole week scheduled full with stuff, we go crazy. It’s just too much. We have to have a couple of nights on the calendar kept open just for us as a family. That being said, when we have nights free on the calendar, we are unlikely to just stay home; more often we’re out doing something as a family. (Maybe this’ll change a little more now that spring is here and there is more outside work to be done?)

Take last night, for instance. We had the night free, so what did we do? Head to Coralville to the mall. Becky needed some summer clothes, so we spent a few hours, found a bunch of stuff for her, ate some supper there, and got home way past the girls’ bedtime. But it was a good night. Now morning has just come a little early. 🙂

I’ve got a bunch of travel coming up in the next week. Friday afternoon I’m driving to Omaha to see Andy Osenga play a concert. I’m planning to just drive back after the show, so it’ll be a lot of hours on the road, but still definitely worth it.

Then Monday I’m headed out on a trip for work to Salt Lake City, and will be there until Wednesday night. Then with Friday off (Good Friday), we’re heading up to Wisconsin to visit my folks for Easter weekend. So yeah, it’ll be nice to finally be back home after all that. So far April isn’t booked up too much… dunno how long that’ll last. 🙂

Having thus caught up on the trivial business of my life, I’ll sign off.

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