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Getting back on track

It’s been a disorienting past ten days  or so; last weekend (10 days ago) we had the big storm, which meant church was canceled, which always really throws me off.  Then last week I was on travel, only in the office for a few hours on Friday.  So by Saturday night I had no real idea what day it was…  fortunately Becky reminded me that we would be going to church the next morning.

We had a bit of a backwards morning at church music-wise.  David Green, normally our bass player, was leading music from the piano.  He asked me to play bass with him.  So I hacked my way through it, and I think we managed OK.  A learning experience for both of us.

Now it’s Monday morning and I can look forward to a regular week at the office.   There are times I’m less than excited about coming in to work, but this week it’ll just be nice to have things back to normal.

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