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Sonic is coming!

Back in Texas, Sonic was a favorite fast food place of ours. Who can top the Route 44 Cherry Limeade? When we moved to Iowa, we had to kick the habit; there’s only one Sonic in Iowa, and it’s two hours away in Des Moines.

But then we found out a couple of months ago that there are plans to build several Sonics in our area.

Then even better, we found out this morning that they’re building the first one, to open around December 1, only four blocks from our house.

I sense some cherry limeades in my future. 🙂

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  1. Rae Rae


    There were Sonics all over the place when we lived in Tennessee. There are a scant few here in Ohio. Occasionally, a Sonic commercial will show up on TV, teasing us.

  2. Aaron Telecky Aaron Telecky

    Just got back into town and heard the good news from a friend – I can’t wait!

    Where else (nearby) are they building Sonics?

    I’ve been to one in Keokuk, and have been told that Fort Dodge already has one too.

  3. Aaron, I haven’t heard about the location of any others. If I recall correctly, they are planning on building 8 or 9 throughout the corridor… I would assume this means some in Iowa City and perhaps Waterloo as well as in CR. I can’t wait. We hit the Sonic in Des Moines when we’re there, but that’s not often.

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