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BookJournal: Xenocide

I haven’t been a fan of everything Orson Scott Card has ever written (sorry, Keith), but my love for Ender’s Game and even greater affection for Speaker for the Dead drew me to read the next book in the series, Xenocide.

Xenocide picks up Ender and company pretty much where Speaker for the Dead left them. It introduces us to a few new characters along the way, but wrestles with the dilemma of being on a planet where saving the humans there will cause the death of the indigenous species. Card pulls off this drama in his usual thoughtful fashion, asking questions about the nature of life and consciousness.

I don’t know that this one was quite as good as Speaker. I got a bit lost at the end once they start doing faster-than-light travel. It just got weird there for the last chapter or so. But still, if you’ve enjoyed Ender and Speaker, I can definitely recommend that you continue on and read Xenocide.

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