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This week has finally brought spring-like weather to our little piece of Iowa. Temps will be in the 70’s all week. I love it.

Springtime also means it’s time to catch up on all those outdoor tasks that have been building up over the winter. Last night we did some cleanup in the garden. I’ll probably get the tiller out this weekend so Becky can plant some tomatoes next week. I also pulled the grill out of the shed and put the snowblower in its place. And the picnic table is now out of the garage and back on the patio in back. There’s still plenty more to do, but it’s good to at least get things started off. My natural laziness dislikes outside work, and my family can tell you that I’ve never been one for being outdoors a lot, but I sure love the way it all looks when it’s been well-kept. And I need the exercise. 🙂

Tonight we’re gonna go shop for some type of play-thing for Laura that we can put in the backyard for her to climb and play on. Becky’s been doing all the research, so hopefully we’ll find something that meets with her approval. 🙂

My other piece of rather mundane news is that I found some new footwear for the summer. I’ve typically worn out a pair of cheap Walmark brand Birkenstock knock-off sandals each summer, but this season the footwear phenomonon that is Crocs has reached my door. I finally found a pair my size and the style I wanted yesterday at the mall. They are very comfortable and amazingly light. I don’t think I’ll be regretting their purchase.

I just looked at the forecast page and now they’re predicting 81°F for the high on Thursday. Note to Mother Nature: we want some spring right now. Please save the 80’s for a couple of months. Thanks.

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  1. You know we’re headed for tornadoes in penance for this, right?

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