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it’s snowing!

And it’s about time. We haven’t had any snow since December 16th… that’s a full two months. But this morning it started about 6 AM, we even had some thunder and lightning! Becky measured 2 inches of snow by 8:30, and there’s more to come. Woohoo! A chance to use the new snowblower, and it’ll look like winter again! I just wasn’t ready for spring yet in February.

Now if Mr. Murphy has anything to say, Becky will go into labor this afternoon and we’ll have to skate our way down to the hospital through all the snow and ice… or maybe the kiddo can just wait another week or so. (Her due date is March 1, which is less than two weeks away…)

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  1. Bec Bec

    Hey! So, how much snow did ya’ll get there? I was wishing for the full foot of snow they had forecasted for here… but we ended up with about “6 or “7 inches. Still makes it look like winter 🙂 I’m sure you’re having fun with that new snowblower about now! Some of us still do it by hand 😛 Love ya much, can’t wait to see you and Becky and Laura and your new-sweetie-coming!

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