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coffeehouse time

Tomorrow night I’m providing two hours of musical entertainment at my favorite coffeeshop. I’ll admit to being a little bit nervous, but I imagine it’ll turn out OK. I’m planning on doing about half instrumental stuff and half vocal stuff.

If any of you are in the Cedar Rapids area and want to come, here’s the details:

Brewed Awakenings Coffeehouse
1271 1st Ave SE, Cedar Rapids
Friday February 10 8:00 – 10:00 PM

Should be a good time!


  1. Aaron Aaron

    Sounds like fun! I’d love to drop by…

  2. Hey Aaron, if you dropped by, I’d make you bring your guitar along and play with me…

    Maybe one of these days.

  3. hey, how did it go? sounds like it was a good time… wish i coulda been there. Thanks for the song list… fun to think about you cranking those out for the audience… oh, I have a couple new people you need to check out – KT Tunstall – actually from St. Andrews Scotland where I studied… check out her stuff. Also – for curiosity’s sake alone – you have to check out Matisyahu – the first and only hassidic reggae singer. Check out “King without a Crown.”
    anyway… hope you’re doing well. talk to you later.

  4. […] 1) The evening at the coffeehouse went well. I ended up doing a little more instrumental and a little less vocal than I had originally planned, since the place was so full and noisy during the first hour that any attempt at capturing their attention for a vocal would’ve been a disaster. Still, I got to sing some, got to play a bunch, and even got some tips! Good times. […]

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