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I’ve moved…

If you are reading this post, you’re reading it from my new web address: This is the beginning of an effort to pull all of my siblings’ blogs together into one family site. Hopefully one day soon there will be not only a /chris, but a /ryan, /aaron, /andrew, and /rebecca as well.

Geof Morris, my web host, has done a lovely job at moving the House of Cakeboy over to its new location and doing all the magic of redirection. Still, it would behoove my readers to update their links and subscriptions to use my new address.

Happy blogging! Now I’ve got to get out and do some yard work.



  1. Well, folks reading in modern feed readers will get redirected by my 301 HTTP status code magic. 🙂

    As for everyone else, IIRC, they all use Xanga; there’s a cross-posting Xanga plugin, but given how plugins tend to write their own table names, I’ll probably need to be involved with that. But I’m game.

  2. Oddly enough, the new feed addresses won’t work with Bloglines yet. Guess I’ll keep the old feed address subscribed for now.

    Looks good!

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