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a busy week…

This upcoming week is gonna be a hum-dinger. Tonight is softball, first umping, then playing. Tuesday night is a church leadership meeting. Wednesday night is worship team. (Note to self: gotta get WT reorganization plans going.) Thursday night Mark Smiley is coming over for dinner. Friday night my folks, brothers, sister, and friend come to visit for the weekend and celebrate Laura’s birthday. They stay until Sunday night, and then Monday I take off to Norfolk, VA, for the DER conference. Maybe I can get some rest there… 🙂

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  1. Bec Bec

    Hey Chris 🙂 Glad ya found my blog I was dropping by peoples yesterday to inform them where my new blog was but didn’t get by here, figured you were smart enough to find it without me telling ya. =P Luv ya much, seey a this weekend!

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