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longest… day… ever…

Wow, the day is getting long and it’s not even 1030 yet. I’m in a wrap-up mode at work; I’m taking vacation next week, and when I get back I’m transitioning to a new project, so I don’t really want to start on anything new. I had some prototype stuff to work on, but whenever I try to code-generate for it, the program blows up. (The code generator, not my program…) So, that’s going nowhere fast. I am sooooo not motivated to get stuff done. If I wasn’t burning a week of vacation next week, I’d take this afternoon off. But I can’t just keep burning vacation willy-nilly or I won’t have any left…

After work this afternoon I’m going to install the projector that you’ve heard so much about over the past weeks. Hopefully the long-throw lens will come today so I can actually test the whole thing out. But even if it doesn’t I’ll at least get the wiring and mounting done, and adding the lens will be trivial. I can’t wait to get it working…

Seeing as this is a very random post I’ll also note here that on our afternoon off from the pastor’s conference next week I have tickets to go see Star Wars Ep 3 on a digital projection screen. The picture quality for digital projection is supposed to be awesome… the two guys I’m going with saw Ep 2 there a few years ago and are still raving about it. I had thought about going to Wrigley and trying to pick up a ticket to see the Cubs, but I probably can’t afford that… so I’ll stick with Star Wars.

Well I guess I’ll have to find some more quasi-work to justify my time here until I can leave at 1500. Who knows, I may even post here again.

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  1. If you go to Wrigley, take a sweater! We nearly froze to death when we were there a couple weeks ago.

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