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a busy month…

Well that personality thing was kinda boring, wasn’t it? You, reader, deserve a real, human-written post, and I am now here to give it to you.

My day was brightened this morning when I realized that, after this week, I will only have 5 more days of work for the month of May. Vacation is a glorious thing. 🙂 This weekend I’m taking one day off to go to Wisconsin for my sister’s high school graduation. I’ll come back on Monday and work Tuesday through Friday (May 17-20) and then I’m taking the next week off. Four of us from church are going to the Moody Pastor’s Conference in Chicago. (No, it’s not for moody pastors – it’s for pastors, and it’s at Moody. :-))

Now, my readers of a Reformed theological persuasion might be wincing at this mention of a non-Reformed institute and conference, but I am much looking forward to it; the conference opens with a message from Ravi Zacharias, and is bookended with a closing message from Tony Evans. I am sure that the middle presentations will be excellent as well. So, that runs Monday evening through Thursday evening. Then it’s back home for Memorial Day weekend. Whew!

Sometime in there, I’ll try to get the new projector installed, too… I’m ordering it today.

Well that’s the fun news and calendar update from Chris’ s life. I hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

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