it’s over….

To quote John Derbyshire, YEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAA!

The election is over. Kerry conceded without putting up a big fight. No big lawsuits. No big charges of voting fraud. Tom Daschle got beat in South Dakota. (My respect for South Dakotans just went up by a couple orders of magnitude.) The Republicans picked up more seats in the Senate and the House. Things look like they might just calm down politically for a while… at least until some seats on the Supreme Court open up, then they’ll be back to the old tricks.

I stayed up until almost midnight CST last night watching Fox News. I was annoyed a bit with Fox since they hardly interviewed anybody, just stuck with their base 4 commentators all night. However, it beat the pants off of the NBC/ABC/CBS/MSNBC coverage, hosted by Mr “I’m Retiring Now” Brokaw, Mr. “I’m a smug Canadian” Jennings, Mr. “Send me a forged document” Rather, and Mr. “I used to work for Tip O’Neill” Matthews. When they finally called Ohio for Bush, I decided it was over and time for bed. When I woke up this morning and turned Fox back on, it was funny to see the electoral vote count exactly where it was when I went to sleep 6 hours previous… Tonight I shall sleep the sleep of the righteous… totally at peace with the world. 🙂

I would be much remiss if I didn’t at least mention a nice statistical analysis that a guy I’m familiar with (he runs the Caedmon’s Call fan website) posted on his blog last night in the middle of the Ohio discussion… way to go, Geof!

Death by Advertising…

Well it’s the day before the national elections and living in Iowa that means we’re finally near the end of interminable political advertising, phone calls, and print ads. In the last week I think we’ve received 3 or 4 recorded phone calls, tons of mail every day, three people at the door, and endured more TV ads than anyone should have to watch. I’m not much of a channel surfer, but I finally started flipping around just to avoid having to watch the same ads over and over and over…

While it saddens me that the presidential candidates can’t seem to campaign on anything but “here’s why my opponent’s bad”, I guess I’ve come to expect it. What really makes me mad is that the same mudslinging comes to the local races. In my Iowa House district, we’ve recieved at least half a dozen mailings, including ones from Roger Grobstich, the challenger, totally bashing Kraig Paulsen, the incumbent (a Republican), and also one that was a “copy” of a handwritten letter from Paulsen’s wife, urging us to vote for him. Why can’t they just run on the issues? Are there not enough issues to run on? In Iowa, we’ve got education, government spending, and taxes, just to name a few. Tell me whether or not you’re going to raise my taxes (honestly, now), where you stand on gambling, the lottery, the speed limits, things I really care about. Sure, your website has little niceities on all these issues, but why can’t you run on them? Why do you have to sling mud and badmouth? Do you really think I’m going to respond to a mailing that tells me that my representative is a shill for corporate interests? I work for a corporate interest. That means I’m interested in their business doing well. Big business isn’t evil to me – it keeps food on the table.

At least tomorrow it will all be over… oh wait, then there will be legal wranglings, lawsuits, protests, recounts, and allegations of fraud. My prayer is just that somebody be a clear winner on Tuesday; I don’t think I can handle a repeat of the 2000 debacle.

I’m Chris Hubbs, and I approve this message.

My second post…

Seems like I should have something profound for the first blog entries, and I can’t think of anything. Oh well, I guess I can just jump right in to normal life and after a few days it won’t seem awkward because it’ll be past.

Talked to Lydia last night for the first time in probably 8 years. Haven’t seen her in probably 15 years. It was good to talk to her. Heard her voice to from sad to happy in about 2 seconds, which was really nice. We’ve fortunately managed to avoid that awkwardness that comes from having a very different relationship 10 years ago; I think we’re going to be fine with the fact that we’ve moved on, that I’m married with a kid now and she’s living her own life. It’s so cool… really kinda fun to have a friend from that long ago.

Took a long walk last night on a beautiful, soggy night outside. Makes me wish I lived in Seattle or Scotland or something. But here I am in Iowa. 🙂