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Geof F. Morris, 1978-2022

Geoffrey Franklin Morris, 43, of Madison, Alabama, died today at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville. He is survived by his wife Danielle, his parents, his brother Doug, his dog Lucky, and hundreds of friends around the world.

Geof was born in Knoxville, TN in 1978. The younger son in a military family, Geof spent time in San Antonio, Texas and Beavercreek, Ohio before eventually settling in Forest, Mississippi in 1990 after his father retired from the Air Force. He attended high school at The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science, where his love for engineering and science led him not only to pursue a career focused on outer space, but also led him into the early days of social communities on the internet. Geof attended the University of Alabama Huntsville and graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and an undying love for UAH Chargers ice hockey.

Geof’s career started at Teledyne Brown Engineering (TBE) where he designed equipment and managed projects building science equipment destined for the International Space Station. After a brief hiatus from the aerospace world to work for WordPress, Geof got a job at NASA where he eventually became a flight controller for the ISS. One of Geof’s great joys in life was being on comms with astronauts and walking them through daily procedures.

Geof had an amazing passion for online community. In high school he frequented online bulletin board discussions. He was fond of reminding friends that he had interacted directly with Tom Clancy in bulletin board discussions about Clancy’s novels. Later on, Geof’s love of the band Caedmon’s Call and their tight-knit fan community would prompt him to create and administer an online forum for them. “” (RMFO to its regulars) was an active community for more than a decade in the early 2000s, and continues to this day in nooks and crannies of the social internet. Geof embraced Twitter when it was a new service and had posted over 100,000 tweets before many others were even aware of what Twitter was. He was a prolific blogger who was always looking to support the online communities he benefitted from. His website is full of thoughts on social sharing, technical advice, and concert bootleg recordings.

Geof was just as generous and gregarious in person as he was online. Whether you had known him for years or were just meeting him for the first time, he would put you at ease with his friendly conversation. He seemingly knew everyone, and would quickly introduce and connect you to others who he thought you should know. His meticulously-managed contact list included award-winning musicians, astronauts, internet tech royalty, an NHL goalie, and a whole bunch of normal mundane people. No matter who you were he would pay attention to personal details and important dates; mention your anniversary on Twitter one year and the next year he would wish you a happy anniversary, having captured that info about you the year before.

Along with wanting to work on space projects, Geof not so quietly wanted to fall in love with a pretty girl and get married. If she were a redhead, that would be a bonus. That wish came true for him in 2014 when he met a young red-headed NASA engineer named Danielle. Geof and Danielle married in 2015 and lived happily at their home near Huntsville until his passing.

Geof loved UAH hockey, the Boston Celtics and Bruins, Wilco, Radiohead, Caedmon’s Call, and The Big Lebowski. But mostly Geof loved people. Whether you were an astronaut or a random college kid, Geof treated you with respect and as an equal. He is mourned today by hundreds of friends and communities that are the product of his life-long labors of love.


  1. stephen cavness stephen cavness

    thank you for doing tbis. i have many fond memories with geof… on-line and in person. he will certainly be missed by many. i will be praying for his family.

    rest well, rumour forum “tyrant”… thankful to have known you…
    – stephen cavness

  2. Mark DeShazo Mark DeShazo

    Geof was also a part of our mythical band, Naked Laundry. Our antics on would always get a chuckle from him. May God comfort Danielle and the rest of the family.

  3. Stockment Stockment

    “But mostly Geof loved people”…This is so ridiculously true. Geof loved me before he met me in person, Geof loved me after we met, and Geof continued to love and invest. I hold dearly him personally helping get to Nashville for Rock and Bowl, later spending the night at his place before heading to Nashville for AO goodnesses, his advice in recoding live shows, but…mostly just his friendship and his presence when you were with him.

  4. Lewis Edwards Lewis Edwards

    I didn’t know Geof as well as others, but his knowledge and passion were undeniable. I hope his friends and family find comfort in their fond memories of him.

  5. April Smith April Smith

    I am so sad to hear this. Geoff was a friend to many, including me. He welcomed me so graciously into the RMFO community, and took us on a tour of Huntsville, where we got to see his favorite hockey team play. What a great guy that will be truly missed. Prayers for his family during this time.

  6. Scott Reeves Scott Reeves

    I have fond memories of working with Geof @ MSFC. To the author of this tribute, I believe that you painted a great picture of who he is. It is difficult to fathom the passing of my collegue. My prayers are focused on his family as they learn to cope with his passing. To them, please know that Geof has the utmost respect of his collegues, and he is missed.

  7. Joel Bresciani Joel Bresciani

    Geof was an amazing man, always available if you needed someone to talk to, always happy always willing to lend a hand or just an ear if that’s what you needed. He loved everyone and wanted nothing but the best for all.
    He loved Danielle the most but UAH hockey was definitely second, I couldn’t tell you a man that supported UAH hockey more. He gave everything that he could to that team and made so friends with every player he crossed paths with.
    You will truly be missed Geof.

  8. Dom Dom

    I worked with him at NASA both when he was a PRO and a POD and in both positions he found a way to make it fun. When he became a POD I always knew it was going to be a good day, no matter what went wrong on console. Geof, you will be sorley missed.

  9. Megan Eaves Megan Eaves

    Beautiful eulogy for an absolutely giant man, who played an important role in so many of our loves. Godspeed old friend!

  10. Bud McLaughlin Bud McLaughlin

    Beautiful words. He was a great man who had a greater love for Danielle and, of course, UAH hockey. Stick taps my friend.

  11. Penny J Pettigrew Penny J Pettigrew

    I’ve known Geof since his UAH Hockey days so you can imagine my surprise to find his smiling face again in the ISS world. Geof’s heart and laughter were his calling card, I will miss our overnight hockey conversations and hearing about his latest adventures to places like Iceland. You are now among the stars my friend!

  12. Johnny berry Johnny berry

    I had the honor of working with Geof for the last 6 yrs and I can honestly say that this news really hurts.
    Geof was an amazing man and I cannot even begin to go through all the conversations and all night talks we had as he worked 3rd shift with me.
    I pray for comfort and peace for his family and I pray that the God of heaven will shine his love on wife.

  13. Adam Thurmond Adam Thurmond

    I worked with Geof at NASA for the last 6 years. It’s tough to put into words both how much this hurts and how much he meant to me as a coworker and friend. Always encouraging and supportive, and fun to be around. We worked through some wild moments in ISS Payload Ops. Reading everything above only makes me respect him and miss him more – had no idea he was a major Caedmon’s fan. Praying for God’s peace on his family and all of us who knew him.

  14. Susan Hanley Susan Hanley

    I’m so sorry to hear about this. I agree with the colleague who said he knew a console shift with Geof would be good, no matter what. I worked with him from the JSC side and was always happy when I saw he was going to be our POD. Easy to work with, always light-hearted, but willing to do whatever it took to get the job done right. He will be missed.

  15. Bruce Cech Bruce Cech

    Sio sad to here….to many he was UAH Hockey in many ways

  16. Christopher Stimpson Christopher Stimpson

    Wow! Such a great guy! Prayers for all who are missing this man.

  17. Susan Martinez Susan Martinez

    Geof Morris, beloved POD and my dear friend who has made my journey as a Flight Controller so much easier and better has passed away. To say that I am devastated is to make light of such a hurt. He was such an incredible person and took such a special interest in me after a not-so-special first meeting. He was a joy that brought happiness and joy to the flight controller team and he will be missed so much. My prayers are with his family and especially his amazing wife, Danielle, who has mentored me incredibly over my years at NASA.

  18. Melissa Garber Melissa Garber

    I am so sorry to hear this news. I didn’t know Geof as well as some of you, but every interaction I had with him was positive, and I know he was truly a good man. I pray that God may comfort Danielle and his family.

  19. John Nix John Nix

    Like many others, I grew to know Geof while working at NASA. I always enjoyed talking travels (mostly Iceland) and music with Geof on long console shifts. He truly cared about folks and had a special penchant for knowing when and how to lift others up with his words, wit, and sharp memory of their lives. We will truly miss Geof.

  20. Dylan Powell Dylan Powell

    This is incredibly heartbreaking to hear. I worked with Geof at NASA and I have nothing but good things to say about how he spoke to everyone around him. He always went out of his way to make sure the people around him were comfortable in any scenario and I echo what everyone else has said here. He will surely be missed by everyone he connected with.

  21. Kathy Barr Kathy Barr

    I had the privilege of working with Geof for several years while updating a training model for ISS at NASA/MSFC. Geof was a specialist on the payload and gladly provided hours of his time to help ensure the model was accurate. He was a pleasure to work with and will be sorely missed.

  22. Patricia Graves Patricia Graves

    My heart is broken. I will miss your candor & jovial spirit. Your laugh was infectious & always turned my frown upside down. Working at NASA/MSFC will not be the same without you. My condolences to Danielle & your family…

  23. Johnathan Carlson Johnathan Carlson

    To all of the other folks reading through the comments, I’m sorry for you loss too, particularly those that have known Geof the longest. One-Foxtrot, as he was known to some at work due to being in the same office as a Geoff, was a lot of fun to work with for the last ten years or so. He found humor in most situations no matter how mundane or frustrating or stressful it might have appeared. Once during the pandemic, he invited me to dinner at his home and I laughed him off since my family was not seeing much of anybody at that point. I didn’t tell Geof the second part. He was the kind of guy that assumed the best though, so I didn’t have to explain and that meant a lot. I’m sure that dinner would have been a lot of fun. I regret that we never got to do it later. I hope to honor Geof by being more willing to meet people where they are at, letting them know they are awesome, and seeing the humor and joy all around us. I’m grateful that Geof is part of my life.

  24. Blake Parker Blake Parker

    I worked with Geof for a number of years at POIC. I always enjoyed having him as a POD and he made many slow midnight shifts significantly more entertaining. I also had a great time participating in a Reddit AMA with him last year about the work we do.

    He will be sorely missed.

  25. Matt Tidwell Matt Tidwell

    Geof was the POD who certified me on a vehicle launch Saturday and boy did he have fun challenging me that day. He made sure to sprinkle in jokes, as he always did. Geof could make even the most stressful times seem so relaxed with his fun personality. His dedication to NASA and larger than life character will be missed at POIC.

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