Recommended daily reading: Heather Cox Richardson’s Letters from an American

In these turbulent days the news can quickly become overwhelming, and the social media noise can quickly drown out the worthwhile signal. One bit of regular news writing I’ve found very helpful, though is a daily email newsletter from historian Heather Cox Richardson. Dr. Richardson has a Ph.D. from Harvard and is currently a professor of history at Boston College.

Dr. Richardson’s email newsletter, titled “Letters from an American”, comes out nightly and usually summarizes the day’s key events. She provides an historian’s perspective on what she believes is long-term important out of the day’s news rather than what just made the most noise. I particularly appreciate that she provides sources for her story at the bottom of every post. Some days she’ll take a longer view and help set this day’s events in context. In that vein I’d particularly recommend her May 3 post tracing the history of the 20th century American rhetoric of patriotic individualism.

If you’re looking for some daily summary reading, I’d recommend giving Letters from an American a try. It’s a free newsletter, and easy to sign up!

One thought on “Recommended daily reading: Heather Cox Richardson’s Letters from an American

  1. I did not receive Heather Cox Richardson’s newsletter for Aug. 08. Please help me to receive her Newsletter daily. My email: blbader1538@ icloud.com. I have been on her email list for months!
    Thank you very much.
    Beverly Ruth Bader

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