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Bullet Points for a Monday Morning

Because it’s been a while…

  • Lots of topics have rattled around in my head… none have congealed enough for a real post. Oh well.
  • We did an Alaska vacation in July. It was amazing. It’s really kind of sad that I haven’t posted anything about it so far.
  • It’s September, which means my summer cheering for the first-place Chicago Cubs has faded into a fall where the Cubs fade and likely just miss the playoffs. Fortunately football season has started. Now if only the Huskers could win a little more consistently…
  • I listened to some old school Caedmon’s Call last week and was reminded why I loved that group. So tight.
  • In the spirit of supporting local journalism, last week I subscribed to our local newspaper. My kids think it just means I’m old.
  • My goal for book buying and reading was to keep the book pile shorter than my bedside table. Then I split the pile into two piles and now the goal is to keep each of them shorter than the bedside table. I really just need to find room for another bookshelf somewhere.
  • Oh, and my kids are probably right – I am just getting old.
  • Without mentioning titles, I can tell you off the top of my head that I have books in my to-read stack by Chris Arnade, David Bentley Hart, Fleming Rutledge, Bradley Jersak, Craig Allert, Justin Earley, and tomorrow will add one by Rachael Denhollander. And that doesn’t even acknowledge the pile-up of ebooks in my Kindle app.

Probability of my next post being anything than another Finished Reading Compendium? Pretty slim.

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