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Andrew Sullivan on the Gay Wedding Cake Case

I miss Andrew Sullivan. I’m glad the guy detached a bit – the pace of his daily blogging was incredible, no surprise it wasn’t sustainable – but he has a unique and important voice on issues of our time. So it was no surprise to me that his weekly column addressing the Gay Wedding Cake case is a must read.

I find myself pretty much in alignment with Andrew’s conflicted take. I’d highly recommend reading the whole thing – it’s not too long – but I’ll quote just one pithy paragraph.

In other words, if the liberals were more liberal, and the Christians more Christian, this case would never have existed. It tells you a great deal about the decadence of our culture that it does.

New York Magazine: The Case for the Baker in the Gay-Wedding Culture War


  1. Clay Clay

    I don’t know this Andrew Sullivan, but I sure agree with him here. Thanks Chris.

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