Book Blame, Volume 1

I write regularly about the books that I have finished reading. What I don’t often do is assign blame credit to those who (often unknowingly) prompted me to buy or borrow the books in the first place.

So with this post I will start assigning, with much appreciation, Book Blame. (Because hey, “Book Credit” doesn’t have the same appealing alliterative ring to it.)

The most recent book to travel from Amazon’s warehouse to my to-read pile is A History of Modern Palestine by Ilan Pappe. For this one I have Chuck Pearson (@ShorterPearson) to thank, via this tweet:

My most recent purchase (still on its way from Amazon to me) is thanks to Kenneth L. Woodward, who in his book Getting Religion recommends Abraham Joshua Heschel: Prophetic Witness, a biography of the 20th century rabbi by Edward Kaplan. Heschel sounded like such a fascinating figure that I couldn’t really pass up a used copy of his biography.

If you, dear reader, have books you think I would be interested in, by all means let me know! One day you, too, could be gratefully mentioned in an edition of Book Blame.

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