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A little random follow-up

Nearly a year ago I wrote a post dismayed about a church looking for a part-time Director of Music with almost unbelievable qualifications. Just to recap, they were looking for:

Significant musical experience in performing and directing a contemporary band along with experience in songwriting and production.

Must be able to incorporate strings, percussion, and other instruments into contemporary-band driven arrangements

Ability to work with and train vocalists in singing of parts

Ability to incorporate backing tracks and loops into regular Sunday and special services

Minimum of bachelor’s degree in music and/or 5 years’ related church or industry experience. Possessing an MDiv or MA in theology is ideal.

All that in a part-time, pay commensurate with experience position.

I ran across my old post at random this morning and decided to revisit that church’s website to see if they had ever found such a Director of Music.

So far as I can tell, the position remains empty; the job posting is still there, with only one small edit from last year: the “Possessing an MDiv or MA in theology”, while ideal, was perhaps a lot to ask, so it has been removed.

I wonder how long they’ll have to keep looking?

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