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Bullet points for a Wednesday afternoon

  • I’m glad I signed up for the 0530 kickboxing class, but it’d really help if I’d go to bed earlier at night. Short sleep + workouts = ouch.
  • Also = zzzzzz. The folks at the coffee stand know my order (large Americano) now and have it going when I walk up.
  • Not so great: realizing 45 minutes in that what you thought was a one-hour Webex meeting is actually a two-hour Webex meeting.
  • Better: having said two-hour Webex meeting only take an hour.
  • My diet that’s supposed to be accompanying my kickboxing class isn’t helped when my wife buys two-pound cinnamon rolls from the local bakery.
  • I’ve been busy enough lately that I started drafting this on Tuesday morning and just finally published it on Wednesday afternoon.
  • On balance, I’m not really complaining about the cinnamon roll.

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  1. Ah yes the old stream of thought. Mine usually has cinnamon rolls in it as well.

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